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MakeUpBeforeYouWakeUp helps make the impossible, possible. Our master tattoo artist and aesthetician is well versed in all styles of brows and looks: dramatic, natural, light, dark, and red brows, all skill colors and types and complications, including but not limited to: pre-existing tattoo correction, complications, anemia and oily skin.

We have seen many transformations in our office and many happy tears from women who did not think their brows, or other personal characteristics, could be made beautiful. We bring an unmatched artistry to the industry. What makes us different is our approach to tattooing.

All templates are hand designed and customized each and every time, according to what you want. We do not use stencils, or pre-set measurements. Your ink is customized, your shape is hand crafted with one thing in mind … you. We treat your face as if it were our very own and each person is treated as such.

We know how valuable your face is and we make sure you walk out feeling better than before you entered. It’s our job to make our dreams come true and we take it seriously each and every time.

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You Makeup

You Makeup, makeup photo editor pro & face editor with many amazing makeup effects. Photo effect edited by You Makeup can achieve the professional level of studio.You Makeup, makeup editor & selfie editor , contains more than 100+ makeup styles.Because of the makeups, stickers,,art filters and many other amazing features. You can easily get selfie in studio level with perfect photo effect.


☆Beautify & Make up

You Makeup offers the function of snapshots beautifying and make up in one tap! So easy to be beautiful.


The advanced Smart Face Recognition System adopted helps to detect facial features faster and makes your makeup precisely and naturally fit.


One tap to take a lot of self-snapshots, Change different poses and snap away until you get desired photo. makeup finished in seconds.

☆Numerous makeup effects & DIY makeup

100+ makeups effects under tens of makeup themes, keeps your makeup of everyday special.

--------MAIN FUNCTIONS--------

►Beauty Camera

Not only could it be used as a makeover app, but also a must-have or selfie camera. Beauty Camera has the same effects as another apps, but easier to use.Take a selfie with our camera or choose a photo, then you can start to beautify.※Face-framing: Get dark eyes, straight nose and V-shaped face in seconds!※Teeth whitening: Gorgeous smile seems go better with whiten-teeth※Eyes beautify: widen your eyes and reinforce the contour, it makes your eyes more beautiful.※Smile: Click Smile, then mouth slightly upward to show more charming smile.

► Beauty Makeups

※various makeups

You makeup has four default makeups:Natural EastStyle, West Style, Men. Each one of them has more than 100+ makeup looks. It also regularly rolls out other makeup looks, such as Summer,OL,Foreign,Macarons,Halloween etc. All makeups can be local downloaded for off-line makeups.

※defined makeups

complexion, blush, eyeshadow, lip color, Over 20 kinds of color system were offered to keep your makeup of everyday special.

※fun makeups

New and popular makeup effects added! Rose , Caribbean , lace .... Can’t wait to try! Be the shiniest queen in seconds. What’s more, we have launched a special eye roll makeup effect.

►Share Your Beauty!

Get You Makeup today and create great makeup selfie, Share it to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, makes your selfie to be the hottest photo!


※One-tap to turn photos into artworks.Variety of photo art filters are ready! You can use photo editor pro to make your selfie or snapshot an artwork, retouch photos with photo art filters to make different photo effect. Just turn photos into artworks.

How to take a selfie with You Makeup?

Step 1. Tap “Camera”, smile and take a selfie, or select a photo from Gallery.Step 2. Try your favorite makeup from numerous makeup effects.Step 3. Tap “Makeup” to better your makeup effect. Creat the most suitable and charming looks!Contact US:

Makeup or Make Up – What’s the Difference?

When you put cosmetics on your face to look pretty on a date, are you using makeup or make up?

You are probably beautiful just the way you are, and you don’t need to worry about either of those things, but if you work for a cosmetics company and you are in charge of designing ads, you will need to know the difference between these words.

The short story is that one is a noun and one is a verb, but, for a more in-depth discussion, continue reading.

What is the Difference Between Makeup and Make Up?

In this post, I will compare makeup vs. make up. I will use each term in some example sentences, which will give you an idea how they should appear in context.

I will also demonstrate how to use a mnemonic device that makes choosing make up or makeup a little easier.

When to Use Makeup

What does makeup mean? Makeup is a noun. It means decorative cosmetics worn by humans.

For example,

  • Julia spends 45 minutes each morning putting on her makeup in the bathroom, which annoys Aries.
  • Greg’s last job was in the advertising department of company that sells makeup.

Makeup is a category of products. There are several different types of makeup. People use lipstick to color their lips. Eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara all emphasize the eyes. Foundation and blush even out and accentuate the color of facial skin. There are other types of makeup, as well. For a more in-depth discussion, consult a cosmetologist.

Makeup can also refer to the composition of something. For example, the chemical makeup of something.

  • But there are limits to applying the Hawaii model to the rest of the nation, especially considering this state’s unique economy and political makeup. –The Washington Post

When to Use Make Up

What does make up mean? Make up is a verb phrase. It has several meanings. To make something up is to participate in an event that was postponed. It could also be to fabricate something or to invent something imaginary.

For example,

  • I need to make up a test that I missed last week, or I will not be able to graduate. (Complete something that was postponed)
  • Make up a template for these body routs so that we will be able to make clean, even cuts. (Create something)
  • I asked where he had been all day, but he just made up a story. (Fabricate a false event or story)

Here is another example of make-up being used to indicate the completion of something postponed.

  • With 20 confirmed cases of measles in New York City, now is a good time to check your children’s vaccination records, make up for any shots missed because of illness or travel and reconsider any stance your family might have taken on delaying or refusing vaccinations. –The New York Times

When this term is constructed as the hyphenated compound make-up, it becomes an adjective, like in the phrases make-up game or make-up test. These phrases describe events that had to be postponed, and are now taking place at a later date instead.

Also, make-up artist, make-up remover, make-up bag.

Trick to Remember the Difference

Makeup is a noun, while make up is a verb phrase. Which one you use depends on which part of speech you need.

Now, let’s go over a trick to keep track of make up vs. makeup. Since makeup is a compound noun, like the compound nouns takeout and kickoff, the construction of the word is you clue that makeup is a noun.


Is it makeup or make up? As with many compound nouns and phrasal verbs, these terms are only separated by a single space.

  • Makeup is a noun.
  • Make up is a verb phrase.

Their usage cases do not overlap; you can only use make up as a verb and makeup as a noun.

Makeup, Make-up or Make Up?

Should I write makeup, make-up, or make up?

For the noun and adjective, use makeup.

For the verb, use make up. The word makeup is a compound noun, which means it is a noun comprising at least two words. In the case of makeup, it is a compound noun made up of the verb (make) and the preposition (up).

Read more about compound nouns.

Write Makeup (for the Noun)

There are no definitive rules about when to use a hyphen (make-up), nothing (makeup), or a space (make up) with compound nouns. The best thing to do is use your spellchecker to determine whether the one-word version is a spelling mistake. If it isn't a spelling mistake (NB: makeup isn't), then you should use the one-word version as it is the most efficient and is highly likely to be the most current version of the noun. In summary, you should opt for makeup over make-up and make up. Therefore:
  • makeup
  • make-up
  • make up
  • (It is a little harsh to mark make-up and make up as wrong, but they are not the preferred style.)

Write Makeup (for the Adjective)

As makeup is the most efficient and current version of the noun, it follows that it should be used as the adjective too. Therefore:
  • makeup artist
  • make-up artist
  • (It is a little harsh to mark make-up as wrong, but it is not the preferred style.)
  • make up artist
  • (The make up option is a poor choice for the adjective because it should have a hyphen for being a compound adjective, i.e., a single adjective comprising more than one word.)

Write Make Up (for the Verb)

As a verb make up is a phrasal verb, i.e., a verb made up of a verb and another word (either a preposition or a particle). In the case of make up, make is the verb and up is a preposition. Phrasal verbs are never merged into one word or joined with hyphens. Therefore:
  • Anne, please make up the witch for the next scene.
  • I will make-up your daughter to look like a princess.
  • Can you makeup the lion?
  • Can you make the lion up?
  • (Note: Make up is a separable phrasal verb.)
Read more about phrasal verbs. adverse or averse? affect or effect? appraise or apprise? avenge or revenge? bare or bear? complement or compliment? dependant or dependent? discreet or discrete? disinterested or uninterested? e.g. or i.e.? envy or jealousy? imply or infer? its or it's? material or materiel? poisonous or venomous? practice or practise? principal or principle? tenant or tenet? who's or whose? What are adjectives? List of easily confused words

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